What is ATitterCompany?

At A Titter Company we design web pages and sites for small business and personal use. If you are interested in more information please feel free to contact us personally.

I have been designing personal and non-profit websites for almost two decades on a freelance basis. Back in the early 1990’s I discovered a passion for building websites. I started out with Yahoo’s pre-made templates, started editing those for about a year before a friend of mine introduced me to Adobe GoLive and Photoshop. Through using GoLive and looking things up on Google, I learned how to read and modify HTML code. When Adobe and Macromedia merged and I could no longer easily get updates for GoLive, I was forced to start learning DreamWeaver and have become pretty proficient with it, though I know there is still a LOT I have to learn.

Over the years I have tried to keep up with the base coding languages, such as HTML, XML, and CSS, though I will admit I don’t know so much XML. I also know a little bit of PHP and SQL, enough to modify code and create databases, and am learning how to write PHP and MySQLi from scratch. I am also working on learning JavaScript.

I’ve been working with creating my own graphics for as long as I’ve been doing web designs, though never anything fancy. I strive every day to learn something new in regard to web and graphic designs.

If you have any specific requests for things to see on a web and/or graphic design, please let me know and if I don’t already know how to do it, I will most definitely do my best to learn how as soon as possible.